Excerpt 1

“Life is full of major events and challenges for which we have to prepare. Some spend months or years preparing for a wedding, the SAT exams, or the launch of a new business. For others, getting ready for Christmas each year is a yeoman’s task of baking, cleaning, buying, and decorating. Establishing a dental clinic in Ghana, West Africa, was a major challenge for me. After shipping equipment halfway around the world, I found the entire nation of Ghana had only one dental equipment technician! Sometimes life takes us by surprise, and we must adapt our preparations.”

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Excerpt 2

“Most radio stations in this country no longer feature live DJs. For the most part, stations play a prerecorded program, including the DJ’s banter and preselected music. Many times a corporation hundreds of miles away records the programming. !ese prerecorded programs can result in awkward situations. Nashville, Tennessee, experienced one of the most severe “oods in its history a few years back. While the Cumberland River was destroying numerous historic Nashville landmarks, nearly every radio station featured a DJ saying, Welcome to Music City, USA. It’s a beautiful day in Nashville! !e radio stations were completely disconnected from the reality outside their windows.”

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Excerpt 3

“Does God have a special plan for his household in the time before Jesus’s return? Does he have a plan for those of us he has set in charge of that household? He certainly does. In chapter two we looked at the illustration of the head of the house and the thief. We saw that the head of the house were Christian leaders. We also learned that if they were watchful they could protect their house (churches) from Satan, who is the thief. Immediately after this illustration, Jesus tells us what makes a faithful leader of his house.”

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